[MlMt] Mailmate Version 1.5.1 (3169) and Spaces (Sorry, Mission Control)

Steve Hodgson steve at shodgson.org.uk
Fri Jan 25 21:22:36 UTC 2013

Hi Benny,

I raised this a while ago and it's been okay for a while now. That seems 
to have been the default in MailMate for as long as I've used it - 
perhaps it comes from OS X?


In any case it reappeared in the next build and has stayed there since.



On 25 Jan 2013, at 12:00, mailmate-request at lists.freron.com wrote:

> On 31 Dec 2012, at 23:40, Steve Hodgson wrote:
>> I generally run Mailmate pinned to my desktop 2 in Mission Control 
>> but
>> I've just noticed that there's no longer an option in the dock to
>> assign the application to a specific desktop. Is this by design or a
>> feature of this build?
> I haven't changed anything which could be related to this. If it 
> doesn't
> work then it probably never worked (I don't use spaces myself). Are 
> you
> sure the option was ever there? Do you have any idea when the behavior
> changed?

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