[MlMt] Custom widescreen view with thread arcs

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Feb 7 15:19:36 UTC 2013

On 7 Feb 2013, at 18:42, Mike Brasch wrote:

> On 5 Feb 2013, at 19:17, Eric A. Meyer wrote:
>> Where I ran into trouble was trying to edit the original 
>> 'threadArcs.plist' to use the horizontal variant.  Everything I did 
>> either suppressed the injection of 'messageView.plist', created a 
>> really wonky and unstable layout, or outright failed to load.  I 
>> think the deep nesting of mailbox view .plists is a little too much 
>> for my tiny mind.
> I have done this last year with little help from Benny. I hope it is 
> acceptable to append this file.

This also shows the weakness of the layout files system. The file does 
not include some changes I've made since I helped you. In particular for 
security related features (PGP and S/MIME) — the related banners are 
never shown. It also shows that I should add some kind of versioning for 
these files, so I could at least reject out-of-date layout files.

I've added an edited file, but it is untested and I haven't checked the 
details. I have little time right now, but I thought it would be best if 
I replied quickly.

> Feature request: the arcs should reflect the read status and the tool 
> tips should appear instantaneous. And if possible, there could be a 
> flag indicator in the arc (like a red dot).

Not much I can do about the tooltips since it's controlled by OS X 
(other than implementing custom tool tips). Not sure how the user should 
interpret message-related indicators on the arcs. The nodes correspond 
to messages? Or was that a typo?

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