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Fri Feb 1 19:35:36 UTC 2013

On 1 Feb 2013, at 19:56, Eric A. Meyer wrote:

> Are there any more actions besides the ones on 
> http://manual.mailmate-app.com/key_binding_selectors and "send:" 
> (which hasn't been added yet)?

Yes, many more. The actions are how the GUI (Cocoa) works internally. 
The question is which of these I choose to expose, i.e., which ones I do 
not expect to change (or rename) in the future. Almost every menu item 
has a corresponding action. I've added `send:`, but the homepage manual 
is not updated yet.

> I was wondering about keybinding things like triggering mail 
> synchronization,


That one is a good example of one that I'm not too happy about. It's not 
as well-defined what it does as I would like. Also, it should be 
unnecessary in most cases. Messages arriving in the INBOX are detected 
using IMAP IDLE. The server (or MailMate) is buggy if checking manually 
is faster.

> flipping between plain-text and HTML views,

These I could add to the list:


> marking a parent message as read once a reply is sent (without 
> archiving or moving it),

Does not exist.

> and viewing the raw headers for a message.

This one I could also add to the list:


It shows the entire raw message.

Maybe I should just grep all actions in the code and review them 
one-by-one for inclusion in the list. If I have time for it I'll do it 
in the weekend (soon going on vacation).

> Which reminds me, is there a way short of digging up the .eml file to 
> view the raw headers for a message?

The `toggleRawSource:` menu item (Show Raw Message) has the same 
shortcut as Apple Mail: ⌥⌘U.

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