[MlMt] Dragging messages (to the Finder and elsewhere)

Torsten Grust torsten.grust at gmail.com
Thu May 31 11:26:52 UTC 2012

Hello Benny,

On 31 May 2012, at 12:49, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
> [...]
> Just a reminder (to everyone): Always be careful with test versions if 
> you have not been in contact with me. They can and do often contain 
> serious bugs. Currently, the only known serious issue with r2898 is a 
> crash bug triggered when forwarding messages (only some messages I 
> believe -- I haven't looked into it yet).

Thanks for the heads-up.  r2898 works fine me until now (including
forwarding), but I'll be watchful.

>> And indeed: dragging a message to the Finder now creates a very
>> sensibly named .eml file.  Great!
> You can thank Vincent Noel: 
> http://freron.lighthouseapp.com/projects/58672/tickets/256-better-name-for-emails-drag-n-dropped-as-files#ticket-256-3

Thanks for bringing this up, Vincent!  :-)

> [...] Apple Mail puts a pasteboard type named `public.url-name` on the 
> pasteboard. If I do the same then it works as expected with Alarms, 
> iCal, and TextEdit.


Many thanks for your super-quick reply,

| Torsten "Teggy" Grust
| Torsten.Grust at gmail.com

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