[MlMt] Dragging messages (to the Finder and elsewhere)

Torsten Grust torsten.grust at gmail.com
Thu May 31 09:26:57 UTC 2012

Dear all,

in the release notes of Revision 2898 I found the following item:

  Dragged messages (to the Finder) are now named using their
  subject. Configurable using hidden setting: MmFilenameFormatString.

And indeed: dragging a message to the Finder now creates a very
sensibly named .eml file.  Great!

I do find myself dragging messages to other places as well.  Alarms.app
comes to mind, for example.  Dragging and dropping message from MailMate
into Alarms creates an entry named according to the `message' URL scheme
(`message://<message-id-here>').  Dragging that same message from Mail.app
instead creates an entry that reflects the message's subject -- very useful.
(Both Alarms entries properly link back to the correct messsage in
Mailmate, by the way.)

Would MailMate be able to behave the same here?

Cheers and thanks,

| Torsten "Teggy" Grust
| Torsten.Grust at gmail.com

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