[MlMt] New messages now have "To:" pre-filled-in

Erik Mueller-Harder edmh2011 at erikmh.org
Tue Mar 20 20:05:07 UTC 2012

Immediately after writing my last message to this list, I updated to the 
latest MailMate beta (1.4.1 2801).

Now, whenever I press `command-n`, I get a new empty message window with 
the “To:” field already filled in — with the address of this list: 
[mailmate at lists.freron.com](mailmate at lists.freron.com)!

Well, I say “whenever,” but that’s not quite right.  If I 
*already* have a new message window and *then* press `command-n`, all 
works as expected.  But if I *don’t* (which is true the vast majority 
of the time, of course), `command-n` fills in the “To:” field.

Now what‽

— Erik
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