[MlMt] MM crashes when moving emails

Joachim Tingvold joachim at tingvold.com
Sat Jul 28 01:31:19 UTC 2012


MM seems to crash when moving emails from one folder to another (within 
the same folder-level), if the folder-name is the same (but with 
different case, i.e. 'Inbox' and 'INBOX'). Upon restarting MM, it seems 
to have actually moved the messages, as it complains about emails it 
can't find (in the folder where the messages originally was located).

The crash isn't actually my primary issue here (from the developers 
point-of-view, it probably is), but I find the question-dialogue, that 
pops up when MM starts again, a bit weird. When it states it cannot find 
the emails, it gives me 3 options (if I recall correctly); 1) retry, 2) 
re-download all messages, and 3) rebuild from cache. What is the logic 
here? Obviously it won't find the emails (since they seem to have been 
moved after all), so option 1) isn't going to help me. Option 2) and 3) 
baffles me a bit -- why does it need to download/reload from cache the 
_ENTIRE_ mail-database, because of 2 emails that has moved? Why can't it 
just try to locate the missing emails in the _background_? (out of my 

Right now, option 3) is preferred over option 2), when it comes to how 
long time it takes. Nevertheless, option 3) took almost an hour to 
complete (196k messages imported) where it also used 90% of my CPU all 
the way. And all that for just 2 emails. (-:

Sorry for the rant.


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