[MlMt] Feature Request: Coloring Text in Outgoing Messages

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Feb 7 10:18:17 UTC 2012

On 7 Feb 2012, at 9:57, Bob Stern wrote:

> Permit adding color to selected text in outgoing messages.
> Color is very important because it is more conspicuous than bold or 
> italics.

Some receivers (like me) prefer to receive messages without color. Or at 
least only the coloring that I configure myself (for quote levels and 
emphasized words). Ideally, I believe that the sender of a message 
should only decide how the message is structured and what parts should 
be emphasized (the semantics), and the receiver should decide how it 
looks, e.g., whether an emphasized word should be bold, colored, or 
something else.

The exception is marketing emails like the ones coming from Apple, but 
they are essentially just web pages by email.

> Even Eudora, which lacks a true HTML engine, implements text color.

Sounds interesting, but I assume they do this by generating HTML? This 
resembles the handling of Markdown in MailMate which can be used to 
emphasize words (and many other things) and optionally generate an HTML 
body part. I'm considering allowing the generated HTML to be accompanied 
by some default styling which could include colors. That's currently the 
best I can offer you as a 'maybe in the future'.


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