[MlMt] Mute-Feature

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Apr 9 17:35:13 UTC 2012

On 9 Apr 2012, at 19:18, Niels Kobschätzki wrote:

>> http://lists.freron.com/mailmate/2012-January/000151.html
> Yes, I remember. I asked that question. ;)

:-) I actually checked because I thought I remembered you had asked 
before, but the above message was written to someone else (with the same 
question) and then I simply missed your question on the list.

> Is there a way in MailMate to see which message I muted?

Well, you cannot see which messages you muted and which messages were 
muted automatically by MailMate (due to muted parents). Enable the 
“Raw Flags” column in the messages outline to see whether or not the 
$Muted flag has been set. Any children of such a message should be muted 
themselves on arrival.

> I tried to mute several messages in a thread but I do  not know which 
> anymore.
> And how should I provide those mails? Copying&Pasting the source of 
> the mails?

If you have a thread of messages for which you know you have seen the 
problem then you can just send them all to me and I'll try to test it by 
muting the root message. Send them using “Message ▸ Forward as 
Attachment”. Do it off-list.


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