[MlMt] Modal two pane layout?

Baron Fujimoto freron.com at monkeybutt.com
Wed Apr 4 19:13:16 UTC 2012

On Wed, 4 Apr 2012, Emory L. wrote:

> I'm struggling to come up with overlapping commands that rely on context 
> in *pine.  I guess one would be enabling (H)eaders in the index which 
> will show them in all messages, and switch to being a toggle when you're 
> reading a message.  I am sure I must be overlooking some obvious ones 
> though.

Offhand, these are probably the common ones in alpine:

P:    Move to the previous message
N:    Move to the next message
J:    Jump to a specific message
Tab:  Next new message

Operations on current message
R:    Reply to message
D:    Mark for deletion
U:    Undelete (remove deletion mark)
T:    Take Address into Address Book
S:    Save into an email folder
E:    Export as a plain text file
B:    Bounce message
F:    Forward message
*:    Flag message
|:    Pipe message
%:    Print message

Miscellaneous operations
H:    Full header mode
G:    Goto a specified folder

Mutt probably has a similar set.

Some commands have analogs that do the same thing appropriate for their
context, e.g. -/space to show the previous/next screen/page using typical
Unix pager utility conventions, but that's pretty minor.

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