[MlMt] Modal two pane layout?

Erik Mueller-Harder edmh2011 at erikmh.org
Wed Apr 4 19:06:01 UTC 2012


I’ve been following this discussion with interest; I remember clearly 
discussions in our IT office back in the early ’90s about the relative 
merits of ">", "|", ":", and other quotation indicators.  We settled on 
recommending our users to use ">" consistently, with no extra spaces 
other than that between the last (first) ">" and the actual text.  It 
seems that that is indeed now the *de facto* standard.

But you asked:

> Somewhat apropos of this, is there a way to toggle the "raw" content 
> for a
> message?  Sort of the inverse of the WebView mode where nothing is 
> rendered
> other than the raw text as received in the DATA portion of the SMTP 
> session?
> With pine, for example, this mode is also toggled with the full header
> mode - but they need not be bound to the same function.

Indeed, yes.

     View > Show Raw Message ⌥⌘U


-- Erik
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