[MlMt] New sent emails ending up in Drafts

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Apr 4 11:38:35 UTC 2012

On 4 Apr 2012, at 13:26, Erik Mueller-Harder wrote:

> As another FastMail user, I was going to write in to say that I have 
> *not* been seeing this myself.
> However, I just checked my Drafts folder and found about a dozen 
> messages I hadn’t known were there — all of which have been sent.

Whether or not the `\Draft` keyword exists for these messages is also a 
hint to what happens. And you can also look for the `X-Mailer` in the 
raw messages to see which email client uploaded the messages.

Note that it can always happen that a duplicate is created if the server 
connection is broken after a message has been uploaded (or copied), but 
before MailMate receives and handles the server response. Or if MailMate 
does receive the response, but crashes before the response is saved 
(this can take a few seconds). (I don't think either of these scenarios 
are frequent for most users.)


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