[MlMt] New sent emails ending up in Drafts

Erik Mueller-Harder edmh2011 at erikmh.org
Wed Apr 4 11:26:00 UTC 2012

As another FastMail user, I was going to write in to say that I have 
*not* been seeing this myself.

However, I just checked my Drafts folder and found about a dozen 
messages I hadn’t known were there — all of which have been sent.

In *my* case, at least, there’s a greater than zero possibility that I 
edited (or at least viewed) the messages in both MailMate *and* the iOS 
Mail app before actually sending them (*probably* from MailMate).  Could 
this be what’s happened in your case?

I’ll try to be more vigilant — though I seldom end up in the 
situation of editing/viewing draft messages on two different machines.

— Erik
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