[MlMt] Modal two pane layout?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Apr 4 08:36:44 UTC 2012

On 4 Apr 2012, at 10:25, Baron Fujimoto wrote:

> : If implemented this would require the GUI to include an indication 
> of
> : the current mailbox (and/or search) and some way to exit the message
> : viewing mode. I cannot promise you such a feature any time soon, but 
> it
> : is a feasible feature which I'll keep in mind.

Is the above use of colon the default quotation style used by Alpine? I 
would consider it highly non-standard (correct me if I'm wrong) and kind 
of harmful :-)

> Yes, I think you understand what I mean.  (Al)pine/mutt have a sets of
> commands that are context specific (folder/mailbox, index, message).  
> You
> can switch between contexts with keystrokes, and some actions are
> available in more than one context. I guess I'm very comfortable and
> efficient making these context switches, and I like my primary current
> main pane optimized for either mailbox index or message.  If you 
> remember
> pine this is probably familiar to you.  Having a sidebar pane with a 
> list
> folders/mailboxes is useful and unobtrusive.
> I understand that these aren't features that would be available in the
> near future, but I very much appreciate that they would be considered.

Noted. I can at least look into if I can easily make some kind of toggle 
between the two modes (list mode and message mode).


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