[MlMt] Spamsieve remains.

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Apr 1 06:01:36 UTC 2012

On 1 Apr 2012, at 1:21, Igor Karpov wrote:

> Probably I made a mistake when decided to take a look at SpamSieve 
> once again. Their trial policy is pretty strange and my trial period 
> has finished in a couple of days (well, my primary MUA is MailMate but 
> sometimes i used to use Mail.app as well). That’s ok. I’ve removed 
> every trace of SpamSieve according to the instructions but since that 
> time some (most of all) messages in Unread mailbox are shown twice 
> (please see the attachment).
> Any advice on how to get rid of it is highly appreciated.

I'm pretty sure this is unrelated to SpamSieve. Try enabling the 
“Source Mailbox” column in the messages list (in the context 
sensitive menu of the headers line of the list). You can then see where 
each message and its duplicate is located. This is an important hint to 
what the problem is.

Often the problem is Gmail and their non-standard IMAP implementation. 
Some time ago Gmail introduced a mailbox named “[Gmail]/Important”. 
This may be your problem and to solve it you should use “Mailbox ▸ 
Edit Subscriptions...” on the Gmail account to unsubscribe the mailbox 
(this only happens automatically when creating a new Gmail account in 


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