[MlMt] MailMate beta available (r2604)

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Dec 1 14:06:01 UTC 2011

## MailMate status

It has been a while since the latest public release of MailMate (2 
months). Usually, a small group of beta testers use the iterations of 
MailMate between public releases, but this has not been the case this 
time. Mainly because some of the changes have been to core parts of 
MailMate and several things had to be done before it could be used to 
replace the latest public release of MailMate.

## Download beta

You can help me out by testing the most recent beta of MailMate before 
its official release. It can be downloaded by holding down ⌥ while 
selecting the “MailMate ▸ Software Update ▸ Check Now...” menu 
item. Alternatively, you can [download it 

If you download it then I recommend you do the following:

* Open “Preferences ▸ General” and enable the crash log 
submissions (“Phone Home”).
* Open “Preferences ▸ Software Update” and make it watch for 
“Beta builds”.

## Is there an HTML composer in MailMate now?

No, not really. The HTML body part of this message was generated by 
MailMate, because the message was written using so-called Markdown 
syntax. That is, the message has two alternative body parts. A plain 
text body part which looks exactly as I wrote it, and an HTML body part 
which is generated automatically based on the plain text. I'll write 
more about that in a future blog post, but I think it's a pretty cool 
:-) You need to enable it in the Composer pane of the Preferences if you 
want to try it out yourself. You can [go 
here](http://blog.freron.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/preview.html) to 
get an idea of what is possible using this feature.

**Note:** I'm not 100% sure that the mailing list software is not going 
to mangle this message some way. And I have no idea what happens if you 
have chosen to receive messages in the digest format (but you really 
shouldn't use that anyways).

## Release notes

Detailed release notes are shown when you launch MailMate.

## Feedback

Provide feedback on this list or via the “Help ▸ Send Feedback...” 
menu item. Whatever you think is most appropriate. Don't use the issues 
reporter since it could confuse non-beta users.

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